09 March 2007

Blog: Mark II

This marks the beginning of a new blog here at “The Realm of Ryan.” I previously ran an informal blog at a lesser (okay, awful) service, but after a year of getting a thrill from describing bland minutiae to a tiny crowd of other victims of the service, rambling without focus about any ol’ topic that popped into the twisted trailer park that I call my mind, I burnt out.

But now I’m getting serious about blogging. At least I think so. My new philosophy: fewer posts, meatier substance, focus on book and movie reviews. A blog from a dedicated writer who likes to think he is generating a community. At the very least, a writer who is planning for the future, when he may have actual “fans” aside from a tiny group. The sort of people who have never encountered me in the real world and hopefully won’t turn into stalkers.

You might call it “ambition” blogging. And if you know nothing about me, have never met me in the flesh, and you’re reading this—I must have succeeded in a small way.

It’s nice to be here folks, thank you for supporting live blogging! Remember to tip your waitresses!