11 June 2007

Another reprint: Hyperborea

Black Gate has posted my essay “The Fantasy Cycles of Clark Ashton Smith, Part II: The Book of Hyperborea” on their site. The essay has appeared before, but the design work here is—as usual with Black Gate—impeccably snazzy.

There are four Clark Ashton Smith articles available on Black Gate:
  1. “The Averoigne Chronicles”
  2. “The Book of Hyperborea”
  3. “Tales of Zothique”
  4. “Poseidonis, Mars, and Xiccarph”
In related news, I would like to mention that today is the anniversary of the suicide of one of the foundational fantasy authors, and perhaps the most influential American author in the genre. Seventy-one years ago today, on the morning of 11 June 1936, Robert E. Howard died by self-inflicted bullet-wound from a .38 automatic. He was only thirty years old. I hope he feasts well in Valhalla.