27 June 2007

Day 0, Part 2: Atlanta

No, I am not in Europe yet. Not even close. I'm in Atlanta, in my brother Reed's apartment where he stays when he's in medical school at Emory. I already feel like a zombie after the red-eye flight, filled with turbulence and not much sleep. I did enjoy watching the new Marvel animated film The Invincible Iron Man on my laptop—the first time I've used the technology. And I liked it much better than those two Ultimate Avengers movies released last year to DVD. But damn, I hate air travel. And this was the longest I've ever spent in a security line. At least I've been able to get a shower here at my brother's place and feel semi-human again, ready for the next leg of the trip.

We're here until 2:30 p.m. when our flight takes off to New York. And then finally we get on the plane to Brussels. Sheesh, this is taking forever.