30 June 2007

Day 3, Part 1: Starnberg

Do you like the Imperial German coat of arms? I certainly do. Welcome to my first full day in Deutschland!

My first morning waking up in Germany was a touch strange becuase the suburb where my sister lives, Starnberg, resembles parts of Oregon. The air, temperature, and the foliage look the same as well. It's hard for me to imagine right now that I'm in a foreign country. Compare this to the awakening in Brussels yesterday, and I feel as if I've suddenly returned to the U.S. All of Armin and Colleen's friends from the International School that we met are Americans, so I feel as if I've hardly met any Germans yet. Although everyone else seems happy to relax right now, I'm feeling itchy to get out of here and into Munich proper to see genuine Bavarian culture. At least Cuba isn't yanking at me and trying to prevent me from putting on my shoes; she's gone to puppy school for the morning with my sister's friend Melanie.