01 July 2007

Day 4: Starnberg

My time schedule is still off-kilter here in Europe. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. with the sun shining bright through the windows, and so I lay awake in bed until I fell asleep again around 9:00—and then slept right through to noon. At least I'll have energy tonight for dancing.

Last night we attended a massive outdoor wine festival in Starnberg. I usually don't drink wine, but I downed…well…a lot of the excellent Weisborg vintage and had a great time. I also had my first experience with true Bavarian food when I had the bratwurst in der semmel, Bavarian sausage in a bun. Once I got over the unappetizingly pale appearance of Bavarian sausage, I found it delicious—especially with the spicy mustard. Goes well with wine too. (Strange, I thought, that my first drinking-in-Germany experience should be with wine, not beer, but oh well.)

My sister and I enjoying wine at the festival:

Right now I've ducked away from a lunch grill party my sister and her husband are holding for their friends. Colleen's in-laws Patty and Stony and grandfather-in-law Daniel have arrived from a drive up through Italy. Cuba is begging a larger dog named Milo to play with her and is getting nowhere with it. (Cuba has been much better behaved in the last last day and isn't constantly tugging on my pants.) I got some more yummy bratwurst in the bun, but I haven't felt much like drinking beer. I want to be agile tonight for swing dancing at Salon Erna in Ostbanhof. And I'm sure I'll get plenty of beer there. I'm learning a lot about the football clubs from some of the guests. Sadly, the local club, Bayern M√ľnchen, had a poor year and nobody is thrilled about that.

Tomorrow is our first day doing true tourism in Munich. At last!