14 September 2007

World's Worst Shipping Job

I appreciate companies that make an effort to keep packing material for shipping items to a minimum. Remember when foam peanuts and styrofoam were standard ways of packing? Now we get those strange air-bags; but at least the pressure comes off the ozone. Most items I receive from online shopping (and I do a lot of online shopping, seeing how I have esoteric tastes and need the access of specialty retailers) are packed tightly in conservative containers. Environment or not, that just makes sense, doesn't it?

And then something like this happens.

Last week, through one of Amazon.com's affiliates, I ordered a small box of 100 brass washers, the type used to hold brass fasteners for manuscripts. I don't like using brass fasteners without the washers; on their own, the fasteners can't hold the paper as tightly, and sometimes start to rip open the punched holes in the paper. I received the box of washers today in the mail, only two days after ordering them. Rapid service, yes, but I found something sort of…I don't know…odd about the packing job.

On the right is the plastic case of washers. On the left, the box in which it arrived:

There really isn't anything else I have to say, is there?