04 October 2007

The 50th Birthday of The Final Frontier

On this day, fifty years ago, humanity took its first small step off this little planet.
Sputnik 1 was launched on October 4th, 1957, becoming the first artificial satellite put into orbit. Suddenly, the heavens seemed not so far away, and the dreams of thousands of years came closer to reality.

In those fifty years, the human race has made great advances in space technology, putting humans on the moon and sending vessels to the edge of our solar system.

Far greater lies ahead, if our world governments could stop finding easier ways to kill and impoverish each other, and more time listening to the muse of science and the cosmic reaches that beckon to us.

Although the Earth is our home, our birthplace, and our creator, the destiny of the human race is to move out among the stars. Every child must leave its beloved home at some point. It's been fifty years, and we are still infants.