26 October 2007

The Justice League at a Halloween Party

The big Halloween Bash at Lindy Groove last night came with a pleasant surprise: a gathering of The Justice League!

I wore my Batman costume, seen at the bottom of this entry (and in the previous entry in video), which gets a lot of compliments, principally for the full latex cowl that I purchased separately from the rest of the outfit. Upon walking into the party, I immediately ran into a guy wearing a Nightwing costume. Nightwing, for those of you who don't follow the Batman Universe, is the current hero identity of the original Robin, Dick Grayson. The guy (who's real name is Chris, and who I've seen at numerous dance events) was thrilled that somebody could identify the outfit. We then immediately noticed two people in Flash and Green Lantern. I realized that if we could only find a Superman and a Wonder Woman, we would have a full Justice League roster, and we could enter the costume contest as a group. There was already a contingent of people dressed up as the characters from "Clue," so why not?

And, indeed, a Superman and a Wonder Woman showed up later.

So, without any planning, six people who came to the party separately formed into the invincible Justice League!

Admission: Nightwing isn't commonly thought of a JL member; he's usually associated with the Teen Titans and the Outsiders. But he's a Batman character and a major DC Universe player, so nobody will raise a fuss. Certainly nobody there cared.

Yes, we got in the finalists, and formed a JL conga line! Then we danced in a circle and showed off our superpowers of weird dance moves.

Just another good example of the wonderful power of Halloween to bring people together through collectively dressing bizzarely.

(No, we didn't win the contest. The winner was a man in an Optimus Prime outfit from Transformers, and I won't begrudge him the prize. It was a stellar piece of work that he must have invested a significant amount of time on.)