28 October 2007

Yet more Jirel of Joiry!

Tired of hearing about Jirel of Joiry, C. L. Moore's classic fantasy heroine? I've done plenty of work with her, and since she had a tremendous effect on me as a writer—my heroine Kristel from Z-Dancer owes Jirel a heavy debt of inspiration—I've find myself coming back to the topic of the fierce and beautiful noblewoman of the medieval fiefdom of Joiry. I wrote an in-depth article on the the Jirel stories which is currently available on Black Gate. And now along comes another article about Jirel: a book review of a recent release of all the stories, Black God's Kiss. This volume (which at last includes the elusive "Quest of the Starstone") comes to us from Planet Stories, a division of Paizo Publications. I have a few more of Paizo nifty reprint volumes to review, so keep watching this spot for updates on when they will appear.

At this point, what else can I say about Jirel? If you haven't read her exploits, well... you know how I feel about her.