21 November 2007

And you didn't include The Haunting?

Moviephone has a list of the Twenty-Five Worst Remakes of All Time. I agree with almost every choice they made, except for one egregious omission:

Where is the 1999 remake of The Haunting?

How in the world did this travesty slip their minds? How did this get past the writers? Jan de Bont’s cheap CGI take on the classic Robert Wise original (based on perhaps the finest horror novel of all time, The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson) is the textbook example of how not to remake a movie: Take everything that made the original work and throw it into the dumpster, cram the movie with shock tactics, overdone CGI, simplistic motivations, lame dialogue, and assume your audience has the brain power of a mentally challenged snail.

Gus van Sant’s Psycho (the #1 worst remake on Moviephone's list) is indeed atrocious, but at least I understood what the director was trying to do. De Bont’s Haunting is as brainless and misguided a remake as anything ever committed to celluloid.