23 November 2007

Uncle Ryan

For those of you who want to get the quick gist of a blog entry and then move on, here it is: I am going to be an uncle. My family and I found out yesterday that my sister Colleen is pregnant.

Now, for the rest of you hanging around anyway, here are the details of how we found out.

My sister and her husband, Armin, live in Munich. They called my mother's home around two o'clock Pacific Time, when most of the family was at the house for that holiday that comes about a month after Halloween. (I can never remember what its called, but it has something to do with football and a dead bird.) Colleen said she had sent a picture to Mom's email and wanted her to look at it. Mom dispatched my brother Reed and I to go to her upstairs computer and get the picture. Unable to log-in to Mom's computer, Reed took out his laptop with a better wifi connection and logged into Mom's email account that way. We found the email marked "Thanksgiving Picture," expecting some photo of Colleen and Armin infront of German mountains or something similar, but both of us immediately knew that the picture we were looking at was a sonnogram of a fetus. (We were raised by a mother who teaches childbirth education; we know these things.) Reed and I then took the computer downstairs to Mom, knowing she was going to explode with joy when we showed it to her. That's exactly what happened; you'd have thought she had just won the lottery.

This is probably the best things that's happened to this late November holiday (uh, what's it called...?) since the days when the local channels ran a Twilight Zone marathon. Comedy Central ran a Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon one time, which was also pretty awesome. Maybe not "I'm going to be an uncle" awesome, but still pretty great.