03 December 2007

The email forwarding-happy relative must be stopped!

When do I finally break down and tell one of my older relatives that I don't want to receive "cute" forwarded emails, "adorable" stories, or "inspirational" tales? Or anything that requires I use quotations marks to make my irony clear? Should I just dump them in my spam folder and keep mum? Or do I politely tell her that some people don't appreciate mass forwards? If she wants to send out a large mailing to a list, that's fine as long as it's an important personal message. But the majority of the planet doesn't want to hear about the touching farewell somebody overheard said at the airport that actually has the subtlety of a gold lamé Hallmark card that plays "Joy to the World" when you open it. And some of the emails I get from her are asinine and call out for a sharp remark back. I don't want to send one of those to her, but each time I get another of these sad sack forwards, the temptation to fire back only increases. She has to be stopped, for her own good! If not me, than who?

Friends don't spam friends. Relatives shouldn't spam relatives. Please gently stop your less Internet-savvy relations before they transform into accidental spammers annoying people without knowing it. Once it snowballs like this, it is difficult to stop.