18 January 2008

Hope for Cloverfield

The reviews for Cloverfield are stronger than I anticipated. The last movie with a unique viral marketing campaign, Snakes on a Plane, seriously underperformed, and I thought that Cloverfield might follow suit. But the critics seem to be enjoying the new film from producer J. J. Abrams, based on the current summary from RottenTomatoes.com.

However, I planned to see Cloverfield from the time it was a title-less project designated only by its release date, 1-18-08. The potential quality of the film didn't matter. All I needed to know were two words: "Giant Monster."

Although Cloverfield has made an issue of its cinema-verite stylings, and all the critics have used the handy label of Blair Witch Meets Godzilla, when you come right down to it this is still a kaiju movie: a big mosnter smashes a city. I don't need any other reason to go see it. J. J. Abrams doesn't need to convince me that the film takes a new slant on the old genre. Reviews don't need to tell me that it uses post-9/11 fears to delve back into the terror that the Japanese originally found in radioactive metaphor of the 1954 Godzilla. I'll deal with all those issues when I see the movie and blab about it on this blog. But as far as luring me into the theater...

All I need...



I'm a complex man. But not when it comes to big damn monsters. I like 'em. Don't need an excuse. Giant monsters are their own reward. Here's wishing we could all be a little bit more like them.

I yield the remainder of my time.