17 January 2008

Warner Bros. heroically takes down Justice League

Finally! Warner Bros. pulled the plug on the live-action Justice League film. Or, in more precise language, the studio put the superhero adaptation on “indefinite hiatus.”

From the start, this project was a bad idea and destined for getting axed. And not just because of the Writers’ strike. It simply was a case of poor timing and poor decisions. Rushing a major project like Justice League is an easy way to make a lousy movie, and that would taint all of DC Comics’ potential film properties. The Batman franchise is back with a vengeance, and there’s still a strong possibility for more Superman (hopefully better Superman)—why derail both by having different renditions of the characters appear in a hastily-made sideline project? And Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman could all support their own movies, and slapping them into a Justice League pic could damage that potential.

On top of this all, director George Miller’s casting choices weren’t getting anyone excited: a pack of young, mostly unknowns guaranteed to put the comic book pundits into cryogenic sleep. Warner Bros. could see the flop a’ coming, a black stain on other potential franchises, so they finally did what I saw coming back in November… they disbanded the league

The Dark Knight is safe now. Christian Bale is the only actor playing Batman, and that’s the way all of us fans like it. Please, DC and Warner Bros., keep up this attitude and let director Christopher Nolan complete his Batman trilogy before you introduce any other live-action takes on the character. And I would like to see Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman in their own movies, and Superman needs a second shot. (Can he please fight a super-powered opponent this time?)

I’d like to see a Justice League movie one day. But not now, not under these conditions.

Update: Looks like Jett over at the venerable Batman-on-Film is in total agreement. Tell me Jett, why so serious? HAHAHAHAHAHA!