07 January 2008


You didn't think I was going forget about the reviews for One Missed Called, did you?

The inaugural film of 2008 ended up in fifth place with $12 million, which is better than I expected and probably will count as a success. But it still won't impress anybody.

And when the reviews finally came in today (understandably the movie wasn't screened for critics)... ouch! RottenTomatoes currently lists the film with a whopping 0% positive rating. Which means the film has yet to garner a single positive review.

But enough of that. I'm more interested in critic puns based on the film's "glutton for punishment" title. Here are just a few:
"If you missed the first One Missed Call, made in Japan in 2004, you can now miss the American re-make."

"As annoying as a busy signal."

"Give this call a miss."

"One Missed Call is totally disconnected."

"In Missed Call, plot is hopelessly disconnected." [Double-word score!]

"Let this one go to voicemail."
And, of course, the classic no-brainer comeback:
"This call's worth missing."
Note to filmmakers (or the marketing folks who slap on titles): Do not give your critics such potent ammo. They will have their review finished before they see a frame of the film.