01 February 2008

Musings on Super Bowl celebrations

I celebrate Super Bowl Sunday the same way I celebrate Easter: try to take advantage of some of the benefits it brings to a person who doesn’t participate in it. For Easter, I eat Cadbury Crème Eggs—one of my few vices. For Super Bowl Sunday, I go see movies or maybe take a trip to an amusement park (usually Disneyland) when I know everybody else will be parked in front of the plasma screen with cases of really cheap beer. Pabst, I would imagine, but since I’m off at Disneyland I wouldn’t know.

(By the way, in a true jubilant mood, I bought my first Cadbury Crème Eggs of the year last night. It’s great they go on sale so early, it helps carry me through the Valentine’s Day zone of darkness.)

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t a true national holiday, but it gets treated like one. I used to treat the Oscars the same way, so even though I don’t watch any sports, I can understand the mania surrounding a single important football game. However, I’m so removed from sports hoopla that I had to go look up on the net to see who was playing in the big game this Sunday. Giants vs. Patriots. Now I know, so if anybody asks me who I favor in the Super Bowl, I at least get a 50/50 chance. I remember hearing something about the Patriots going undefeated this year—I believe I got the info from The Onion, of all places—so I would pick them to win.

But really, don’t bother me with such questions. I’m riding the Haunted Mansion! Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize!

If my younger brother were around right now, I would know a lot more about the Super Bowl. He’s the sports nut in the family, and once played on the Astros farm team, so I trust to him to keep me current on the sports news I need in case challenged in a bar. But he’s in Atlanta in medical school right now, and I doubt he’s keeping up with the Super Bowl because of his intense studies. So I am completely at sea about the game this year, and will try to avoid any sports spots come Sunday so I won’t look so clueless. Time to hide in a movie theater… or the Haunted Mansion! Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize!