25 February 2008

The Oscars, I suppose

No, I didn’t watch the Oscars, and according to the Nielsen ratings, no one else did either. This was the lowest rated telecast ever. Since no big blockbuster hits found their way into the nominations, general viewers weren’t that interested. I’m not a general viewer, since I see far more movies per year than most people and have an interest in keeping up with the business (I spent a few years working in it), and I wasn’t that interested. At least one of the nominees that I had seen won Best Picture, No Country for Old Men, and Javier Bardem deserved that Best Supporting Actor statue for his freaky assassin with the gravity-defying haircut. Tilda Swinton was also a good choice for Michael Clayton, the other Best Picture nominee I’ve seen.

However… this wasn’t a movie year that excited me that much. Hopefully 2008 will better.