20 March 2008

No, Ms. Griffith is not in right now...

In the mildly humorous everyday world…

Today our firm received a fan letter addressed to Melanie Griffith. Okay, that’s odd, considering that we’re a commodities brokerage firm. The author noted that he and his son are big fans, and would she please sign the enclosed card and send it back in the SASE so they can add it to their autograph collection.

I didn’t want to disappoint, so along with a letter notifying them that Melanie Griffith’s talent agency isn’t located here (apparently a management company was on this floor ten years ago), I had the firm sign the card and send it back.

This guy should be thankful that I picked up the mail today. There are certain people in this office who would have pretended to be Melanie Griffith and written a long salacious letter back to him. But I was nice; I didn’t try to deceive him, and I added to his autograph collection.

Always here to help.