31 March 2008

Sold! “The Sorrowless Thief”

Allow me to take this moment to announce that my science-fantasy story “The Sorrowless Thief” will be published in an upcoming issue of the print magazine Black Gate.

This is my first sale to the magazine, and it is also the first story of my series about the strange continent of Ahn-Tarqa. I am very thrilled about these developments!

I will post more when I know which issue of the magazine “The Sorrowless Thief” will appear in. Because Black Gate is currently very full, it may take a while for the story to appear. In the meantime, I will keep busy with new chronicles of Ahn-Tarqa (there already are a few others completed).

Update: I’ve sold another Ahn-Tarqa story, “Stand at Dubun-Geb”!