22 April 2008

Oh, you mean the other film

Today, someone at work asked me if I had seen the movie Grandma’s Boy. I said “yes.”

Except, I thought he was talking about the 1921 classic Harold Lloyd comedy from the Max Roach studios.

Actually, he meant a 2006 comedy produced by Adam Sandler, which is no relation at all to the Harold Lloyd film except through titular coincidence.

I am aware of the later film’s existence. I have a good sense of general pop culture, since I see myself as something of an informal pop culture scholar. If you love pulp literature and B-movies, you’re into popular culture studies whether you use the term or not. So I knew about Grandma’s Boy ’06: I saw the ads, read some reviews (almost universally scathing), and knew when the film came out in theaters. I didn’t see it because I was aware of its connection to Adam Sandler, and what better incentive do you have to stay away?

However, although I knew of the recent Grandma’s Boy, when I heard the title I immediately thought of the Harold Lloyd film.

And you know something? Man, does that make me happy.

In ten years, no one will remember Grandma’s Boy ’06, and the Harold Lloyd film will still be showing up in revival theaters and in deluxe DVD editions, and people will still laugh along with it as if it were made yesterday.

Harold Lloyd rules.