26 July 2008

Diego Kai Martin is here

I just got the call from my father that my sister has had her baby, a boy named Diego Kai Martin. The baby was delivered through a c-section at 1:45 p.m. Los Angeles time, which is I-don't-know-what-but-I'll-look-it-up Munich time. Diego weigh something a bit under 7 lbs., but those crazy Europeans quoted something in kilos, and I don't speak kilos. The baby is healthy, the mother is healthy, and I am an uncle! Woooo! Party!

This means that the baby was born while I was sitting in the food court at the Century City Mall using my NEO to writing an essay about how incredibly expensive parking is at Universal Citywalk. I got the call from the father while watching the movie Alligator on DVD. Trivial details, but certainly things I'll remember in the future and tell Diego until he tells uncle Ryan to shut up about that. But I think he'll like the movie Alligator. All young boys like giant monsters, and this shares by bloodline so of course he will like giant monsters. I'll also tease him about the poll I ran for his name, and how "Dean" beat out Diego, and "Cthulhu" was close behind. And nobody went for "Horst," which was my suggestion.

Here's a few details he will want to remember about this day when he is older.
  • It was a warm 85° and sunny in Los Angeles. He wasn't born here, but most of us live here, so that's important.
  • The most popular movie in the U.S. is the ass-kicking The Dark Knight.
  • The major movies released this weekend were Step Brothers and X-Files: I Want to Believe. Neither will be remembered by the time Diego is two.
  • The U.S. President was… look, everybody will have purposely forgotten him by the time Diego is two.
  • The headline news events are: 17 blasts kill at least 29 people in India; Barack Obama meets with British PM Gordon Brown; Iran announces it will hang 30 convicts on Sunday; Gas prices dip below $4 (uh, I guess that's good news); A police detective says the mayor of Detroit shoved and swore at him. The top goofy but real headline: "Man Shoots His Lawnmower, Police Say."
  • The headline for The Onion: "Mob Not Angry at Monster, Just Disappointed."
  • Diego shares his birthday with Jason Robards, Vivian Vance, Gracie Allen, Kevin Spacey, Blake Edwards, Aldous Huxley, Kate Beckinsale, Dorothy Hamill, Roger Taylor, Helen Mirren, Jeremy Piven, Peter Hyams, Sandra Bullock, Olivia Williams… and Erskine Hawkins, Mick Jagger, Carl Jung, George Bernard Shaw, and Stanley Kubrick! All right, go Diego!