23 July 2008

More lame excuses

"Okay, Ryan, where are the comments about Hellboy II and The Dark Knight?" you may be asking. "And what about your sister having a baby? What's going on with that?"

Right of you to ask. I've been a touch busy since getting back from the Land of the Children of the Corn, mostly getting set in my new position at my job (which is working out much better than I expected). I thought by this point I would have a nephew/niece to report about, but my sister is a bit overdue on this. Always the one to hand in the assignment late. According to the doctors, there's nothing wrong. The baby is just taking its time. I was holding back on writing up more blog entries about there not being a baby, but at the risk of getting a bit "Francisco Franco is still dead" on everybody, I held off. But that of course means that I was holding off on any blog post. And trying to sort out what I would say about both Hellboy II and Miles Obscurus (to give the Batman film its proper Latin name) made me realize it would be a time-consuming task.

However, it's easy to write this space-wasting post that hasn't told you anything because I'm writing it on my new AlphaSmart NEO word-processing device, which I've eagerly awaited for two weeks. Now I have no excuse not to do writing anywhere I go. I've only had the machine for two hours and I'm already abusing it. So far I've used up one hour of the seven hundred available on the three AA batteries that power it. I'm so prodigal.

I've made some serious lo-tech strides in writing this year, using both this NEO device, which feels like something invented in 1983, and WriteRoom, a distraction-free writing environment that gives me the sense I'm typing on a Commodore Pet. I still break out the bells n' whistle Microsoft Word when I need to edit, but for draft purposes, I'm now attached to using the clean, all-consuming beauty of WriteRoom. And now the AlphaSmart NEO will give me even greater draft writing latitude.

All right, go back about your meaningful business. There really was nothing to see here.