07 July 2008

Upcoming trips

I’ll be leaving Los Angeles a few times in the upcoming months; this is probably the most traveling I’ve done in any single year since I was in college.

I’m a bit “Angelopolis-bound” when it comes to my life; I enjoy taking trips but I find that most of the time I would rather enjoy my city and my friends and activities here. I love my personal space, I’m attached to the idea of “home.” I’ll never be one of those types who tosses a few things in storage and starts wandering around the world. I need a “home,” I need a base. I need to have it there for me after a short jaunt to the other regions of the planet. As our late, great comedian George Carlin said, “I need a place for my stuff.” And when I get a bigger place, I’m going to get more stuff!

Nevertheless, I’ve two upcoming jaunts. One is actually a—gasp—business trip. I haven’t made one of those since I was teaching reading programs in other cities back in 2001–2. It’s the first time that the current company I work for—and have worked for since October 2002, has sent me on any kind of trip at all. Unfortunately, it’s to Cedar Falls, Iowa. Not the height of exotic destinations, but I get a lot of writing work done in quiet hotel rooms. The trip is for a week, and I’m leaving this Sunday.

The next trip after that is the “big one.” My sister is about to have her baby (it could be any day now, since her official due date is the 14th), so I’ve arranged to go visit her and my new niece/nephew in early September. In Munich. After spending a few days with her and her husband in Bavaria, I’m flying down to Zagreb in Croatia to meet my friend Maja. Maja is celebrating her birthday in her home country of Solvenia, which is adjacent to Croatia (it’s much easier to fly into Zagreb than the Solvene capital of Ljubljana). I never thought I would see Croatia or Slovenia, or any part of the former Yugoslavia, but I’m thrilled to get to see an unusual part of the world that many people would never get an opportunity to see… and with a native for a guide. (That’s good, because my Slovenian is a bit rusty.)

Two weeks after getting back from Germany-Croatia-Slovenia, it’s off to Vegas again for the second time this year. Another delirious Lindy exchange is coming up!