30 August 2008

The blog system for the trip is established

I have already finished most of my packing for my trip to Munich and Slovenia. It’s about the earliest packing job I’ve ever done, but most of the items I need specifically for the trip I purchased last year for my first expedition to Bavaria. Everything fell into place quickly. And I have a larger suitcase this time—everything is much easier.

Chances are if you are reading this before my actual departure date (2 September 2008), you were directed here by my email giving out the link to my blog series for this trip. I blog heavy when I travel; it is one of the best ways to record for posterity, and it makes the trip more interactive for me, more exploratory. And with my lovely AlphaSmart NEO along, I can do blogging on location and while riding S-Bahns, U-Bahns, and whatever public transportation the Slovenes have.

Again, here is the link for the blogs entries dealing with the trip. I’d love comments from friends and family; I didn’t get enough of that on the last trip. It’s great to hear your voices from across the spans of the globe.