22 September 2008

And Red Tape Holds Up Brigde

Headline from Associated Press today:

Russian navy ships head to maneuvers in Venezuela

This disturbs me. Whose head is Russia sending? Why do the manuevers in Venezuela require a decapitated head? What kind of shipping service allows for chopped-off heads to be mailed? (I know Fed-Ex has a specific warning about shipping blood and tissue. What about UPS?)

On top of all the other idiocy that AP has been pulling recently, this headline confusion is plain embarassing.

AP has pulled back on their aggressive attempt to stop bloggers from quoting their articles, but I'm still going to test their limits they way DailyKos did. (I don't talk about politics much on my blog, but just so you know, I'm a progressive liberal.) So here's a quote from the above AP article:

MOSCOW - A Russian navy squadron set off for Venezuela Monday, an official said, in a deployment of Russian military power to the Western Hemisphere unprecedented since the Cold War.

The Kremlin recently has moved to intensify contacts with Venezuela, Cuba and other Latin American nations amid increasingly strained relations with Washington after last month's war between Russia and Georgia. During the Cold War, Latin America became an ideological battleground between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Russian navy spokesman Igor Dygalo said the nuclear-powered Peter the Great cruiser accompanied by three other ships sailed from the Northern Fleet's base of Severomorsk on Monday. The ships will cover about 15,000 nautical miles to conduct joint maneuvers with the Venezuelan navy, he told The Associated Press.

There you are AP, 127 words. Come and get me.

And please, no more shipping heads to anybody, especially COD.