15 September 2008

Day 14: Kočevje–Ljubljana–Munich

At last, I can stop typing in this strange code where y=z, <=:, and @=". I was getting pretty good at writing all my blog entries on my NEO using these strange switches with the keys so that it would all transfer onto the Slovene computer without problems. But now I can go back to the standard English keyboard.

After getting up today and packing for the jaunt back to Munich, I went with Maja and Jason back to her grandparents' house where we had started. Now that her grandmother had time to prepare for us, we got the huge equivalent of a Slovene meal (and I thought the impromtu one was elaborate). We had a noodle soup and delicious meatballs (at least, that was the word I used to describe them) plus a very smooth red wine. I've had more wine this trip than I've had in my entire life, and I'm afraid I won't be able to adapt to wines in the U.S. after getting spoiled with the Slovene vintage. At the airport I made sure to purchase two small bottles of Cviček to give to my sister and her husband. I imagine that in California Cviček is expensive, but I shouldn't have a hard time finding it since Slovene wines are "faddish" in Los Angeles right now. The woman at the shop in the airport was surprised when I told her about the popularity of Slovene wines in Los Angeles; she was surprised anybody in California knew about the existence of Slovenia at all.

I'm on the plane to Munich right now, waiting to take off. I'll get to see my nephew again briefly before I take off again to go home tomorrow morning.

The next blog entry will be a brief wrap-up posted from my computer at home.