26 September 2008

Judgment at Oxford

Sorry to delve into politics again, but the question has bugged me since yesterday, and with everyone else on the planet tossing in their funny answers, I must confront the question as well.

If John McCain does decide to skip out on the debate tonight, whom will Barack Obama debate?

I have the answer: Maximilian Schell.
Face it, he was way cool as the attorney in Judgment at Nuremberg. (Or N├╝rnberg, if you want to be exact about the German. I like to be irritating about it.) Got himself an Oscar for that baby. He’s an awesome and charismatic actor, I think it would be thunderously wicked to have him on stage in front of millions of American viewers in another dramatic debate.

Come on Max, we can fly you out from Austria in time!

Update: Oh, looks like McCain decided to debate after all. Damn, I had Max's agents on the line and we were all ready to go. Oh well, maybe there’ll be a Black Hole remake. I have made a case for that for years.

No, not that Maximilian. Close, though.