22 September 2008

Prepare to be Riddled!

As of today, I have about 95% of my Halloween costume “in process.” Meaning most of it is ordered and on the way. Ebay, salvation of the suffering soul who wants to make his own Halloween costume from scratch! The only item I have left to buy is fabric glue. So far, I have or soon will have in my possession the following:

  • A loud green sport coat
  • A green bowler hat
  • A green tie
  • A purple dress shirt
  • Purple gloves
  • Two yards of purple felt
  • A cut-out pattern of a large question mark
  • A classic “crook” cane
  • Index cards on which I will write bizarre riddles to hand to people
  • Complete disdain for the intellectually puny citizens of Gotham City

Once all the items are together, I will cut-out the various questions marks from the felt, and strait-pin them to the coat. The coat will go to a tailor, who will lightly stitch them onto the coat so they can be removed later without damaging the coat. (I’ve so fallen in love with this coat that I cannot see it permanently “riddled.”) Fabric glue will adhere question marks onto the hat and the tie (both are inexpensive and disposable). The question mark on the tie will be a specially cut elongated one to fit the tie. I will also spray paint the walking stick green.

And… there it is! I hope this gets me into a few top ten costume contests this year, just as my Penguin outfit did last year.