23 September 2008

Who Watches the Batman TV show?

Could it be? Could it possibly be that at last we, the DVD owners of the world, will have POW! BAM! ZLOT!

Is a possible DVD release of the 1960s Batman TV series is on the horizon, after years of horrible internecine haggling?

The popular TV show, which helped revive interest in the Caped Crusader during a low-sales period and introduced millions of young viewers, such as myself, to the character, has not appeared on DVD yet because the footage and broadcast rights belong to 20th Century Fox, while the rights to the DC characters belong to Warner Bros. Neither side seemed ready to come to an agreement for a DVD release, and it looked as if the Dynamic Duo would lay in Limbo forever. (Yes, I know the Catholic Church recently declared that Limbo doesn’t exist, but Dante visited it in Inferno, so damnit, I’m still going to refer to it.)

But… could there be a deal brewing in the future? According to this article, part of the conflict between Warner Bros. and Fox over the release of the movie adaptation of Watchmen in May could result in Fox getting the rights to release Batman on DVD. Fox has launched a bitter legal battle with Warners over Watchmen, which is already in the can, because Fox claims they own the rights due to contracts made in the development hell days when the graphic novel was getting shopped around. Could they just want the rights to the Batman TV show? (And a couple million bucks as well?)

I hope so. I won’t believe anything until someone makes an official announcement about a DVD release, but this is the first genuine positive news I’ve heard. And I don’t want Watchmen canned or held up, I’m extremely excited about seeing it as well.

By the way, ZLOT! is my favorite Bat-fight word.