06 October 2008

Halloween author poll

In time for Halloween, I’ve put a poll on the top of the blog that will run until the 31st. The question:

Which of these foundational horror/weird authors do you enjoy?

I’ve placed a large selection of late-Victorian/early 20th century writers, going up as late as H. P. Lovecraft, who caps off the period of the “weird” story writer and the eventual transition to the modern school of horror. I debated putting Wilkie Collins on the list, but he’s more suspense and mystery. Lord Dunsany I decided is too strongly fantasy.

You can vote for as many writers as you like, and if there is somebody you think should be on the list who isn’t, vote “Other” and put your choice in the comments.

Update 10/6: Strange, after all this talk of Algernon Blackwood, and I didn't think to put him on the list. Too late now, voting has already started. I guess "Other" is now Blackwood. At the moment, Poe, Stoker, and Lovecraft are tied for first, which makes sense as they are the best known. No love for le Fanu or Chambers yet (honestly, how many people have ever read Chambers, let alone heard of him?)

Update 10/8: Poe pulls ahead of Stoker and Lovecraft, with 58% of the vote. Le Fanu and Chambers still have nothing.

Update 10/29: Two days left, and here are the current standings. Looks like Poe will win. Lovecraft has put up a strong fight.