29 October 2008

Last days for the poll

There are only two more days left to vote in my poll for your favorite foundational weird story writers. Currently, Edgar Allan Poe leads with 58% of the vote, with H. P. Lovecraft close behind with 44%. Stoker is in third with 41%, with M. R. James and Arthur Machen tying for fourth with 24% each. Bierce hasn’t done poorly with 20%, but poor Le Fanu hovers with only two votes for a platry 6%. Chambers has one lonely vote so far, and I’m not surprised; he’s the most obscure fellow on the list. (But give him a try.) “Other” has three votes, which I suppose stands in for Algernon Blackwood, whom I foolishly forgot to add to the list in the first place.

Tomorrow is the major Halloween party I’m attending, where the Riddler costume comes out in full force, as does my Riddler persona. The party is held at the Masonic Lodge in Pasadena, a grand old 1926 building that looks quite spooky at Halloween with its back-lit Neo-Classical columned front. The LindyGroove Haunted Halloween Ball is always my favorite costume party of the year. And for once, I’m wearing a costume that allows me to dance without seriously endangering myself or the girl I’m dancing with.

Yes, there will be photos the next day. Here is a picture of the haunted foyer of the spooky Masonic Lodge to keep you in suspense: