31 October 2008

The Riddler’s Halloween—Part II

The Riddler, oil on canvas, ca. 1910

I’ve gone to five Haunted Halloween Balls in Pasadena, and last night’s was certainly the best one. I stayed ‘til late, absolutely jacked up on nothing more than the energy of what a great Halloween costume party is supposed to be. The entire grand ballroom was packed, and 98% of the people were in costumed. I enjoyed plenty of dancing to keep my manic energy flowing—for once, I has worn a costume that allows movement—and thrilled myself with throwing out riddle and riddle to people all around. By the time I left I was hoarse and exhausted…but filled with the powerful energy that only Halloween parties can create.

There are so many reasons why I love the holiday, and the liberating effect of the Halloween party is one of main ones. People come together in such wonderful and unusual ways when tricked out in weird outfits, ranging from humorous to macabre to plain confusing. The barriers that sometime separate us in normal parties, or in everyday life, crash down in the madness of disguise and discovery. Put on a costume, feel the freedom. The décor of the holiday, a mixture of the darkness and the light, morbidity meets playfulness, brings out the best in people. Halloween is the universal holiday; it brings people together who on other holidays would not be together and feel so open.

Speech over. Now for raw data.

Believe it or not, there were no Jokers last night! I expected at least three, but everybody must have expected too many Clown Princes of Crime and went for something else. There were three other Gotham City villains present, and when it cam time for the costume contest, the four of us were submitted as a group (we didn’t plan this, but whatever works). So here is the evil quartet of Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy:
As for other costumes, my personal favorite was someone (I have no idea who) in a Bender from Futurama costume that looked liked it needed metallurgic facilities to put together. Amazingly, he (or she, again, I have no idea) didn’t win. The winners were three men who dressed as Depression-era hobos as comment on current economics. Nice execution, but sorry…Bender should’ve won.

There were at least three Sarah Palins. I “riddled” this: “What is the job of the VP?” Of course, they didn’t know. I like it when people stay in character.

And what else? The Marx Bros., two people in a “Yes of Prop. 2” costume set consisting of chickens in cages, various Matrix variations, Dr. Evil, a very impressive (and top-heavy) Predator outfit, a Droog, Lorelei Lee from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, a couple of leftover pirates from the deluge last year, the Phantom of the Opera, and a Victorian Steampunk cabal.

More and more photos:
Lisa once danced for Caliph al-Rashid

Yes, that is somebody’s thumb in the corner. I tried to crop it.

With my good friend Sam Suplee

Costumed criminals attract all kinds of beautiful women (a hooked cane helps)

And that’s all…until next year and the greatest Holiday on Earth™ returns!