25 November 2008

Book review: Conan the Raider

My first post on Black Gate’s official blog is a casual start: a review of a Conan pastiche novel. I have a history with writing reviews of neo-Conan novels (any Conan story not written by creator Robert E. Howard), and got my start in online book critiques by braving to read and report on these novels when most fantasy fans wouldn’t touch them. It’s had some rewards along with the poorer material. I’ve made quite a few acquaintances in the fantasy community after my reviews started to get attention. So for my opening salvo on Black Gate, a Conan pastiche review seemed ideal.

The novel under analysis is Conan the Raider by Leonard Carpenter, a hit-and-miss writer among the stable of authors who wrote the Tor Conan series. I’m happy to report that this is so far the best of Carpenter’s Conan novels that I’ve read.

Read the entire review here.