01 November 2008

Final Halloween poll results

Halloween and October are gone (lower head in memory of absent friends), so time to report the final results of the “Foundational Weird Authors” poll.

The ultimate standings based on 33 voters:

1. Edgar Allan Poe—20 votes, 60%
2. H. P. Lovecraft—16 votes, 38%
3. Bram Stoker—14 votes, 42%
4. M. R. James—8 votes, 24%
4. Arthur Machen—8 votes, 24%
5. Ambrose Bierce—8 votes, 21%
6. Other—4 votes, 12%
7. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu—3 votes, 9%
8. Robert W. Chambers—2 votes, 6%

I’d like to congratulate the completely obscure Robert W. Chambers for scoring two votes. He almost tied with the more famous Le Fanu, whose poor showing is the biggest surprise for me in the poll.

The other results are what I expected. Poe is the most widely read (you had to read “The Fall of the House of Usher” in high school, didn’t you?) and Lovecraft the most popular among the sort of people who would read my blog. I’m very happy with the showing of Machen, tied with Bierce, in the poll, since he’s one of my favorites here.

It isn’t October anymore, but you can enjoy these folks all season long.