01 November 2008

The November plan

To inaugurate November, it rained in Los Angeles. This is what we call a winter storm in Southern California.

October had the largest number of posts I’ve ever done in a single month on my blog since it’s inception in March of 2007. The blog has started to evolve more and more into focusing on movie and book reviews, and I’ve had a wonderful increase in visitors and comments.

Therefore, I have to describe a few differences you’ll see this month, and make a couple of excuses.

This morning, at exactly 12:00:01 AM, National Novel Writing Month started, and on the stroke of twelve I commenced writing my new novel, Orphans of Fenris (working title? Maybe, maybe not). You can keep track of my progress on the word counter at the top of the blog, and the month-tracker on the sidebar. As of this post, I’ve made it to 5,721 words, which puts me two days ahead of the schedule to meet 50,000 words by the end of the month. So far, this first day has been a deliriously wonderful writing experience: I love the thrill, the dangers, the frustrations, and the unexpected joys of writing a novel. I feel more alive than ever when I’m in the middle of writing a novel.

However, this will slow down a lot of my pleasure reading: I have to make some sacrifices this month, so expect fewer book reviews. Movie reviews may drop down a bit as well, even though I’ll use movie-watching as a way to take breaks from writing. I won’t have as much time to write my standard in-depth film reviews during this month, so if you see less of them, that’s the reason. I do have a book and movie review coming up in the next few days, one connected to a certain movie premiering on the fourteenth.

So expect some writing updates from the frontlines of the novel-writing war, and few of other surprises, but don’t expect the blog-mania of last month. October has that certain power, and poor November cannot match it.