14 November 2008

Writing incentives, plus Tokusatsu Saturdays

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day I took off from writing my new book since Tuesday, the 4th, when I and the rest of the nation were a bit busy. I still ended up jotting down some eight hundred words—but considering my output to this point, that’s practically a vacation day under lazy tropical skies.

The official end of National Novel Writing Month, the 50,000 word goal, rapidly approaches for me, although I will still have a long way to travel until I consider the first draft finished, the point when I type “THE END,” save it in a million places, and then forget about it for a few months while I work on other projects. (I believe the best way to re-write a book is to basically forget that you wrote it in the first place, so when you pick it up again to revise it you have a pair of fresh and critical eyes.) I want to reach 40,000 words tonight, less than a three thousand-word run, but Fridays are notoriously hard days on which to get writing done, at least for me.

However, I am instituting an enticement for myself this evening. I promise myself a reward if I achieve 40K. Or, to look at it another way, I will withhold a planned pleasure from myself if I don’t reach 40K. Four blocks down the street from my apartment tonight is a monthly blues dance called The Juke. I don’t get to walk to many dance events (think of the petrol savings!), and I usually have a good time at this event. But, I will only go if Orphans of Fenris reaches 40,000 words sometime tonight. Which means I have until about 9:00 p.m. to get to that point before I start losing out on dancing time.

So watch for my word-count update in the sidebar tonight. If it gets above 39,999 words, you’ll know I went and got my blues dancing on. If not, I stayed home and watched Space Amoeba and felt horribly guilty.

Oh, speaking of Space Amoeba, tomorrow I’ll post my review of Gorath, making for the third Saturday in a row that I’ve put up a review of a Japanese tokusatsu (live-action special-effects) movie. So I have decided to declare an on-going series: Tokusatsu Saturdays. In homage to those great Saturday afternoons spent watching monsters movies on local TV stations in my youth, I’ll continue to use Saturdays to post reviews of live-action Japanese science-fiction and fantasy movies and TV shows. Maybe not every Saturday, but I’ll try to hold myself to some sort of schedule.

Update: I did it! With nearly 500 words on top of it. Blues time.