30 December 2008

Top Lines for the Line-less

And now, a fond farewell to the season, and to my musings on A Christmas Carol.
Top Ten Things the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Might Say if He Were Allowed One Line:
  1. “Don’t buy Ford.”
  2. “You’re stepping on my cape.”
  3. “Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”
  4. “Beware of the man named Madoff .”
  5. “Just between you and me, don’t you think that Tiny Tim kid is a precocious twerp?”
  6. “I really can’t see anything in this hood.”
  7. “Damnit, I want some royalties from all the death metals bands that have stolen my image!”
  8. “Heath Ledger was really awesome as the Joker, wasn’t he?”
  9. “In canis corpore transmuto.”
  10. “Go Packers! Whoooo!”