08 January 2009

Dance performance tonight

Okay folks, late notice for all of you in the Los Angeles area, but tonight I will be performing at Harvelle's in Santa Monica at The Jook: event details here. I'll be the between-set entertainment, blues/swing dancing with "Roller Girl," the band's mascot (known to me as Bridget). Bridget usually does these events with her husband David, but due to a suddenly scheduling conflict, David isn't able to make it tonight, so Bridget gave me a shout last night to ask me if I could do it. Harvelle's isn't far from me, and I've hung out there before—it's one of L.A.'s oldest nightclubs, running since 1931—so I said "yes" immediately. Bridget and I will start swingin' at 9 pm while the band gets ready, and then swing more between the sets to keep people entertained. Should you be in the area, come on by!