05 January 2009

I’ve got my Black Angel, but . . .

I received in the mail today my new printing of Cornell Woolrich’s 1943 noir masterpiece, The Black Angel. (It’s not the cover to the right, obviously, which is a lackluster ‘60s paperback printing. If you want to see the new cover, go here and buy the book while you’re at it.) I’m eager to dive into the book again; a few years have passed since I read it. I could have easily picked up my 1940s printing of it (first edition, but no dust jacket) or my 1980s Ballantine mass market paberback, but there is something about getting a fresh new copy of a book that inspires you to get into it again. Also, I want to support Pegasus Books and hope they will give us even more Woolrich later on. Come on, Black Alibi, come on!

I’ll deliver a lengthy analysis of the book after I finish reading it, but I have another book to read before that: Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry. Normally, that could wait, but it was sent to me as part of LibraryThing Early Reviewers, so I do have an obligation to read it and post a review for the publisher. They sent me the copy for free, so I do owe them. The book has a street date of March 3rd.

After finishing my reviewing duty, I’ll return to Woolrich land. I’m very excited that I have two “old friend” novels to revist this month. After The Black Angel, I’m going to take a new tour of The Land That Time Forgot, my favorite Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, for an article on Black Gate.