22 March 2009

Crazy dance action photos

My favorite dance partner, the amazing Laurel Marlantes, has gotten back from New York, and she’s finally posted a bunch of photos from our show last year. These are some of the best action-photos I’ve seen of my dancing—and it’s hard to get good photos when you’re moving so so fast, believe me.
And for those of your who are curious, we were dancing to the Led Zeppelin song “Black Dog” from the Fourth Album in its awesome Fletcher Henderson-styled arrangement for the ten-piece Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra. Henderson was the most famous of Benny Goodman’s arrangers, bringing a true Harlem feel to the music (Henderson had led a very popular Harlem swing bang that ruled at the Roseland Ballroom in the early 1930s), the this arrangement captures the Henderson style in technicolor. If “Black Dog” were a popular song in 1936, it would have sounded exactly like this. And at 190 bpm, it’s a fast song to Lindy Hop to.