05 May 2009

Kobolds Ate My Baby!

I’ve decided to stay with RPGs for this week on Black Gate, except I’ve switched over to the tabletop variation of the hobby. Presenting a review of the Beer and Pretzels role-playing game, Kobolds Ate My Baby! Super Deluxx Edition.

“Beer and Pretzels” RPGs are rule-lite, designed for fast, fun, and silly gaming. KAMB! (as it is abbreviated) is one of the original Beer and Pretzels RPGs, and takes the idea of the weakest and most useless of all Dungeons & Dragons monsters, the cannon-fodder kobold, and makes them the heroes—with a dose of Chuck Jones cartoon insanity. It’s an, uhm, interesting gaming experience. The manual itself is worth it just for the humor value.

Read the full review here.