11 May 2009

Star Trek post-game analysis

Oh great, Ryan is going to talk about Star Trek again.

Hey, I gave you a short break with that Twilight Zone: The Movie review, didn’t I?

So even though I have already given you a full review of the new movie, I do owe the folks at Black Gate some discussion of this key movie for genre fans. But for today’s Black Gate post, I decided it wasn’t enough to write up another review of the film. Instead, I’ve done a bit of post-game analysis. Now that the film has had its boffo-socko opening ($76.5 million), and all the reviews from professionals and bloggers have come together, as well as word-of-mouth from the common citizens who don’t own complete sets of Star Trek: The Original Series, I think I can do an interesting analysis on what the new Trek film means.

So read some of plumbing of logic as I look at the Star Trek ‘09 phenomenon.

Even though logic is only the beginning of wisdom.

And Karl Urban rocks. De Forest Kelley lives again! Boffo, Lenny. Socko, Lenny.