02 June 2009

Movie review: The People That Time Forgot

Some months back, I reviewed the novel The Land That Time Forgot for Black Gate. I followed up with a review of the film version (or at least a version of the first third of the novel).

Your time of waiting for a review of the sequel film, The People That Time Forgot, has at last come to an end, as today I offer you my take on the 1977 film from Amicus productions, starring Patrick Wayne (son of John) and the delectable Sarah Douglas (Ursa from Superman and Superman II). Enjoy it with your favorite rubber dinosaurs—although there are far fewer in this installment than in the 1975 one. And no Nazi submarines, sorry to say.

Read the full review here.

I still have to tackle Amicus’s other Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation, 1976’s At the Earth’s Core. Be assured, it will arrive one day.

And it would be nice if the fourth of producer John Dark’s science-fantasy movies, the “Edgar Rich Burroughs in Spirit” film Warlords of Atlantis.