28 July 2009

Book review: Conan the Free Lance

Conan the Free Lance (1990)
By Steve Perry

The Conan pastiche novels are sort of like a review “home base” for me: I always find myself occasionally returning to throw out some more opinions of the many, many, (many, many) novels and stories about the famous Barbarian by somebody other than Robert E. Howard. Today for my weekly post at Black Gate, yet another one: Conan the Free Lance by Steve Perry.

You may wonder, of course, why not review some actual Robert E. Howard? Good idea, may do it someday. But there’s already a lot of critical material out there about R.E.H., and honestly I feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes when I try to approach one of The Great Ones of the genre, the man who is pretty much the God of Sword-and-Sorcery Fandom. I always feels anything I say about his work will seem pretty . . . puny. I read one of his classics, think about writing a few pages about it, and then think, “Nah, I’ll let it be. It’s enough for me that it’s awesome and it’s there.”

Okay, eventually, I will do some Howard reviewing. I think an article, a short one, on my favorite of his short stories, “The Pigeons from Hell,” might be in order.

Anyway, go here to read my latest Conan review at Black Gate.