17 August 2009

Concerning Scurvy

Sometimes while thinking up a post for Black Gate, I go off in a very weird direction and ride it. Like, for example, writing an essay about scurvy. Yes, the disease. And what does the disease scurvy have to do with fantasy literature? Glad you asked: go read the essay, and bring a glass of orange juice with you.

I imagine the ship in this painting by Caspar David Friedrich has had a bit of a problem with scurvy. It also reminds me of the novel that got me pondering Scruvy in the first place, The Terror by Dan Simmons. Expect a review of that book fairly soon—once I get off the ice.
And speaking of orange juice, I’ve drank gallons of the stuff over the last two days while writing the essay. I think the orange growers associations of the country should use this as an advertising tool. Nothing like a freaky illness such as scurvy to make people dash for the fresh juice section of the grocery store.