10 August 2009

Robert E. Howard’s “Pigeons from Hell”

I’ve decided that if I ever form a motorcycle gang (not really an “if” situation, I confess), I’m going to call it Hell’s Pigeons. And if any other gang laughs at the name, I’m going gut-punch their leader, smash his thick skull against the handlebars, and say, “Why are you disrespecting my man REH?” Then I’d force him to drink the Black Brew and make him a zuvembie.

Need an explanation for the above weird paragraph? You can get it from my post today at Black Gate, which is a review of my favorite short story from Robert E. Howard, “Pigeons from Hell.” It’s not a heroic fantasy or an historical adventure, but an Americana horror story with some extremely interesting subtexts.

Head on over and read it.

These are like Pigeons . . . from hell!
Image adapted from a picture in the Wikimedia Commons