01 August 2009

Another sale: “Stand at Dubun-Geb”

Today I got the confirmation of something I had known for a few weeks, but have waited to share until I got the official email: I’ve sold another short to story to Black Gate. I had previously sold editor John O’Neill the story “The Sorrowless Thief,” the first tale I finished in my science-fantasy setting of Ahn-Tarqa. “Sorrowless Thief” hasn’t appeared in the magazine yet—Black Gate is a bit back-logged, and once again closed to submissions—but it now has a companion piece to go with it, “Stand at Dubun-Geb.” The two stories have no plot connection to each other; they take place on the same continent, but hundreds of years apart and in different regions. I’m not sure which will appear first, but either is fine for a start. I envision the Ahn-Tarqa stories eventually building toward a common purpose, possibly a novel, but at this point they will stay as self-contained tales in the strange continent where… well, I’m not going to ruin the surprise.

I originally wrote “Stand at Dubun-Geb” with the intention of submitting it to the Rage of the Behemoth anthology; however, I eventually decided that it didn’t quite fit the parameters of the anthology’s purpose (too much science in the science-fantasy) and instead sent it to Black Gate.

I will keep everyone up to date about the future appearances of “The Sorrowless Thief” and “Stand at Dubun-Geb.”

And, I forgot to mention when I first posted this, I’m greatly indebted to Howard A. Jones and John C. Hocking for helping me with advice on earlier drafts. Their suggestions were crucial in getting it to its final form.