10 September 2009

I want a Cover Charge!

Speaking of rare Cornell Woolrich novels, I’m currently seeking to get hold of a copy of his very first novel, the Jazz Age Youth book Cover Charge. It was first published—actually, only published—in 1926. I’ve found it as inexpensive as $95 dollars at one used-book site (previously, I had only seen it for $600 dollars, so this is a bargain), but with my current financial limbo and justified caution, I can’t excuse spending even that. Earlier this year—snap!—I’d grab that $95 book in seconds. It’s the first book from my favorite author, and I’ve never had the chance to read it. I can’t let this go on—but will I soon reach a point where I can spring for a copy, and find one that I can afford within reason?

I don’t mind if my copy doesn’t have a dust jacket—I want the contents, not the quality of the binding. If I were wealthy, I’d try to get a solid copy with the dust jacket. Right now, I’ll settle for whatever condition sellers have available. The book only had one printing, so options are limited.

I don’t care if I don’t like the novel itself. It’s Woolrich’s first freakin’ book, and I WANT IT.

Update: Damn it all—I save money for things like this, it’s hugely important to me. So I bought the book for $95 dollars. Good, that weight is off my chest. I’ll have to forgo a few other pleasures during the next month to make up for it (Riesling), but such is the life of a Woolrich nut.

Update II: I had a feeling this would happen. The order was canceled. Not only did the amount seem too good to be true, but the seller on ABEBooks had a pretty middling rating from other customers, which means frequent order cancellation. Oh well, at least I no longer feel like too impulsive a buyer. But someday, Cover Charge . . . someday. . . . (Any print-on-demand people want to take care of this?)