18 October 2009

Rorschach Halloween costume

Sorry I’ve been a bit light on posting this week—I’ve been overly busy. However, please accept this photos of my Halloween costume for this year—Rorschach from Watchmen—as a substitute for an actual lengthy post.

I am very dissatisfied with the commercial Rorschach costumes available (I generally don’t like pre-packaged costumes anyway) so I put this together from various other pieces I already own. I already had the trench coat (from when I was the Punisher a few years ago, and it gets regular use as well) and the hat of course, I purchased a long scarf, and a stand-alone knit Rorschach mask that’s far better than the cheap one included in the costume packages. However, I had to attach black fabric over the eyes to block them out—it looks silly with the eyes completely exposed. The fabric comes from an old “faceless ghoul” costume from years ago, so I can see through it fairly well even though nobody else can see in.