30 October 2009

Rorschach never compromises at Halloween parties

Really, I don’t have to add anything after the photo, do I?

Okay, I guess I have to. Tonight (or last night, it’s early morning right now) was the annual Haunted Halloween Ball at LindyGroove, for the past five years the best Halloween party I attend each year. I had my Rorschach costume on from the graphic novel and movie Watchmen. Most people knew who I was, although I got a few “Invisible Man” comments. Oh well. Not a bad idea for next year, maybe.

The people in Silk Specter and Dr. Manhattan costumes were happy accidents, not planned. The three of us ended up in the finals for the best costume. We didn’t win, but it’s the fourth year in a row getting into the costume contest for me, and considering the incredible outfits at this party, I feel pretty proud about that.

Here are some other photos from the night. And yes, it is me under that mask and heavy coat and scarf.
One woman who danced with me told me that it was a great “surreal” experience dancing with Rorschach. Now that’s a fine compliment.